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Commercial Property Security


Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to each client site

Retail Security


To assist Malaysian retailers to reduce shrinkage,full range of anti-theft security services.

Government Security


Full range of security services to federal, state and local government.

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About Us

Universal Guards is owned and managed by a team that has vast security knowledge and practical experience. Our Director Tuan Hj Md Noh Bin Tan Sri Murad has served the Malaysian Prisons for over 30 years and sat on the Parol Board at Kementerian Dalam Negeri for a number of years after his retirement. His experience in safe guarding the nation from notorious criminal and his management experience as a Director of Security Malaysia Prisons brings great value to this company.

Security Guard Companies vary drastically, in terms of the capabilities and services they provide. There is also much to consider in developing a new security plan for your organization, or business. Assessing needs and determining whether they are best served by hiring a private security guards or officer or by selecting an agency, is of utmost importance. For companies with existing security problems, the emphasis may be on identification, whereas for others, it may be on prevention.

Using the latest technologies, Universal Guards delivers real-time 24/7 visibility into the status and location of all your organization's, or business' assets. The specialists at Universal Guards provide outstanding protection for your company, using a powerful combination of award-winning technology and highly experienced personnel, to give you complete peace of mind.

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